Chicago Theological Seminary


Entry wall (The Stream of Life) – Seven bent glass panels contain imagery of flowing water and abstracted faces. These faces are notable individuals who have affected the development of social justice over the past century. This imagery is set in front of an illuminated glass wall with abstracted images of Gothic arches printed on an interlayer. The art is representational of the seminary’s history, more specifically its previous location and original Gothic arctitecture.

Chapel walls (Together We Stand) – Measuring 12-feet from ceiling to floor, the panel walls generate a relief of human figures standing together. Water cascades down both sides of the chapel walls, as well as the arch entryway, symbolizing that the river of life interconnects all people. Visitors enter the sacred space by walking across a glass bridge and are reminded of new life and purification.



  • Entry Wall: 7 panels 7' tall, laminated interlayer wall 27' x 8.5' tall
  • Chapel walls: 16' x 10' and 18' x 10'
  • Arch: 12' tall
  • Materials: cast, bent, laminated, painted, illuminated glass
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: Nagle Hartray
  • Location: Chicago, IL