Colorado Towers


The objective of the glass wall in the lobby of Colorado River was to create a soothing/calming effect. To achieve this the design was developed in reference to the Colorado River, which is only three blocks from the building. The cast glass was produced with a texture that had the appearance of flowing streams of water to reference the river. Behind the glass wall is a cavity with LED lighting from below that illuminates the back wall, which is painted in colors to create the appearance of water with darker blue undulating blue stripes also to create the appearance of flowing water. There are strips of think colored glass laminated on the back surface of the glass to add flashes of color as a reference to seeing brightly colored fish underwater. On the front and back surfaces of the glass are laminated glass jewels, which were used to highlight the light from below. These jewels are composed to create the effect of water cascading down the surface of the glass creating an image of splashing at the bottom, which is at eye level.



  • Artist: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: Turan Duda; Principal, Duda/Payne Architects
  • Lighting consultant: Francesca Bettridge; Principal, Cline / Bettridge
  • Client: Cousins Properties, Atlanta, GA
  • Dimensions: 100’ long x 15’ tall
  • Materials/techniques: tempered cast glass with laminated glass jewels and strips of colored- glass
  • Location: Austin, TX