Indiana Power and Light Co – IPALCO


Glass columns composed of plate glass with laminated beveled and dichroic glass are located in the lobby and on both the first and second floors. The columns are intended to add visual interest to the to the building from both the interior and exterior. The general form and dimensions of the columns are related to the structural glass fins of the glass curtain wall. The semicircles of dichroic glass reference Monument Circle, the area in which the building is located, as well as the revolving door of the entry. The beveled glass, which is laminated to the fins in overlapping patterns, fractures the imagery of passing automobiles and pedestrians thereby creating a kinetic effect. It is this sense of movement and pulsating energy that best symbolizes within the piece the service of the power company.

Photo credit: Greg Murphy



  • Dimensions: Twenty-two glass columns 1'4" x 10' x 1' each
  • Materials: Plate glass with laminated beveled and dichroic glass
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: Rowland and Associates
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN