Jewish Hospital Medical Center East


The sculpture was created as a visual expression of growth, change and transformation. The spiraling elements of curved dichroic glass establish a vertical movement that creates a form suggestive of a flower. The dichroic glass was used because of its characteristic of changing color as it is seen from varying positions, which creates a dynamic quality. With the floral form, spiraling movement, and transforming colors, the concept of growth is created as a symbolic representation of the mission and role of the health care facility not just in treating aliments, but is sustaining the vitality of life.

Photo Credit: David Harpe



  • Dimensions: 18’ x 30’ / Weight: 4,750 pounds
  • Materials: Dichroic glass, fused and slumped; holographic film on acrylic; steel structure with stainless steel cables as suspension system, illuminated with two hundred fifty (250) low voltage halogen lights on a programmable controller
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: META Associates
  • Location: Louisville, KY