McGee Eye Institute


With the expansion of a new building for the Dean McGee Eye Institute(DMEI) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma came the need for an impressive piece of public art to accompany it. The Oklahoma Health Center Foundation and DMEI announced the results of an international call for artists competition in early April 2008. The team of Shan Shan Shengand Mark Dziewulski of San Francisco and London were chosen out of more than 50 artists for the commissioned sculpture.

Internationally renowned architect, Mark Dziewulski, designed the 20′ x 8′ multi-dimensional sculpture of an abstracted eye. Shan Shan Sheng, a Chinese-American painter and sculptor, created the watercolor imagery that gives the sculpture its vibrant magenta, purple and blue hues. It was the contribution of Architectural Glass Art’s (AGA) expertise, however, that took this project from concept to reality. AGAnot only fabricated the 44 panels of laminated glass for the sculpture to match the design exactly, but also delicately installed each piece of art glass to the stainless steel framing. The completed art is a dynamic composition of straight lines, vivid colors, complex angles and reflective surfaces. By day, the sun radiates light through the transparent panels allowing the sculpture to shine. When night falls, the static structure is illuminated, ensuring its glow is distinguished from the dark sky.

Architectural Glass Art’s installation team lead by John Sastre, who was assisted by Bob Cheever and Bart Herre, endured the blistering Oklahoma summer heat for roughly a week during install. After installation was completed and the team returned home, a dirt mound was piled around the base of the sculpture and covered with sod. This gives the illusion that the sculpture levitates slightly above the hill. The final touch, signage for the institute, was mounted to the curved brick wall that surrounds the hill and sculpture. The Dean McGee Eye Institute, dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care and a center for vision research, is now recognized by a bold, symbolic and unique work of art.

“We wanted a spectacular piece – one that becomes an icon not only for the Institute and Health Center, but for all of Oklahoma City.”

-Dr. Parke of DMEI

 The collaboration of the winning artist duo and Architectural Glass Art proved to be a successful team resulting in a striking finished product entitled New Horizon.



  • Dimensions: 20' x 8'
  • Materials: 44 pieces of art glass - Laminated art film, stainless steel structure
  • Sculpture design: Mark Dziewulski
  • Art design: Shan Shan Sheng
  • Art glass: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK