Mountain View City Hall


The central organizing element of the architecture is the light filled atrium, which is given a strong identity by the articulated glass walls and skylight. The glass art is integrated with the architecture to create a seamless whole. As such, the glass walls serve the function of admitting light while providing privacy for the offices, while the skylight softens and lightly colors the light.



  • Skylight dimensions: 24' x 100'
  • Atrium Walls dimensions: 100' x 65'
  • Skylight materials: Laminated glass with transparent paint screened onto the PVB interlayer.
  • Atrium walls materials: leaded antique beveled and sandblasted glass with silkscreen and fired ceramic frit.
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: William Turnbull & Associates
  • Location: Mountain View, CA