Nashville Courthouse


“The Citizen”, stands outside the Nashville Courthouse. The structural design of the glass sculpture was designed by Kenneth von Roenn and employs the use of stainless steel cables secured to custom hardware in tension to secure each of the planes that comprise the figure.  The wind loads are transferred from the glass to the cables which carry the loads down to the mounting plates. The glass figures can be rotated by individuals at the base of the sculpture by the turning of a wheel and are illuminated at night with LED lights.




  • Dimensions: Glass figures are 10' wide at the extension of the arm and 12' tall
  • Materials: Laminated glass cut by water jet, stainless steel cables and hardware
  • Glass design: Thomas Sayre, Clearscapes
  • Structural design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Engineering: Ben Fay
  • Location: Nashville, TN