St. Albert the Great


The rose window form is composed in such a way that it is suggestive of flames, which represent the passion of Christ. The stained glass components of the rose window form a cross in their overlapping. Contained within these forms, are blue glass jewels, which are symbolic of the seeds of the rose. Extending horizontally from the center are planes of glass with these same jewels. These horizontal bands frame and reference the location of the tabernacle and the Corpus. The jewels are used also throughout the windows of the devotional wall, as well as on the pivoting glass doors between the Narthex and the sanctuary.



  • Dimensions: Rose Window: 860 sq. ft. ; Devotional Wall: 410 sq. ft. ; Eucharistic windows: 100 sq. ft.; Tabernacle: ;Pivot doors
  • Materials: Sandblasted red on blue flash glass with blue jewels in overlapping layers
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: Omni Architects
  • Location: Louisville, KY