The feature element of the Terminus Tower lobby in Atlanta is an illuminated, three-dimensional wall mural that spans the full length of the lobby. The mural graphically represents the significant events of Atlanta’s emergence as the capital of the south. Suspended in front of these graphic images are sculptural metal forms with dichroic, holographic and prismatic glass elements, which relate to the patterns and forms of the building and provide a dynamic quality to the work. These two elements, the pictorial imagery and the sculptural forms, allow the work to be appreciated and understood from both a literal as well as an experiential perspective and can, therefore, be interpreted in both lyrical as well as poetic ways.



  • Dimensions:
  • Laminated printed fllm, dichroic glass, holographic diffraction grating, bevels, stainless steel
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr. & Don Carlos Thomas
  • Architect: Duda Paine
  • Location: Atlanta, GA