Webster Gardens


“The World Revealed”

The design of the window was developed with the intent of representing the significance of Martin Luther’s contribution not just to Christianity, but also to world civilization. What is of most importance was Luther’s dedication to introduce the Word of God to all of humanity. To represent the significance of this contribution, the primary elements of the design are literal texts from the Bible; from the Luther’s own handwriting, Luther’s 1534 Bible and his 95 Theses. The windows highlight the significance of the Word of God, both in the context of written Scripture and of Christ as the Word of God made flesh. Source text includes segments of significant historical Biblical manuscripts, as well as texts that emphasize corporate worship through the spoken Word and sacraments. Also included are passages from other contemporary languages to represent both the history and universality of the message.

The composition also contains other elements that are not as literal, but which provide additional meaning to the concept of the The Word. Woven throughout the design are star-like forms composed of prismatic glass elements and long, vertical diagonal lines composed of dichroic glass. These elements symbolically represent the presence of the Holy Spirit within the The Word by the manner in which these elements transform the light. The prisms case spectral colors throughout the space while the dichroic glass changes colors when illuminated or viewed from different directions. When viewed from the exterior the dichroic glass reflects colors during the day while the prisms will glisten when illuminated at night. As these elements animate the design so the Holy Spirit continually instills the Word of God with vitality and life.



  • Dimensions: 2 windows, 12' x 30'
  • Materials: laminated, printed interlayer
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr. & Don Carlos Thomas
  • Location: St Louis, MO