Yale University Battell Chapel


These two entranceways, which open onto the main quadrangle at Yale, were designed as a part of the complete restoration of the sanctuary, built in the 19th century. The design was developed to organize and unify the various opening sizes and shapes within the existing frame. The composition relates to the original ornamentation in the sanctuary and was kept relatively simple to facilitate movement through the entranceway. At the same time, the leaded composition has a visual strength and rigor relating to the massive stone corner of the building. White paint and large-scale grid elements contribute to its appearance from the distance of the exterior courtyard. In contrast, the engraved pattern introduces an element of delicacy by breaking down the scale, enabling the work to be appreciated at a close distance. Textured antique crystal glass visually expands the entrance, making the transition more comfortable. The green glass refers to the colors in the sanctuary and the exterior stone of the buildings in the courtyard.
(Published: “Architecture” magazine)



  • Dimensions: 2 panels: 8' x 20'
  • Materials: Leaded painted and engraved antique and beveled glass with cast glass prisms
  • Glass design: Kenneth F. von Roenn, Jr.
  • Architect: Newman & Associates Architects
  • Location: New Haven, CT