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Along the two sides of the chapel are six windows, approximately 8’ wide and 24’ tall, composed of laminated beveled glass and leaded antique glass. The beveled glass was used to provide sparkling quality at night when viewed from the exterior.

Cafe Vettro

Arranged throughout the restaurant are 92 glass cones ranging in heights 60" - 96” which are composed of more than 8,000 pieces of 3/4" thick plate glass cut by water jet. Internally the glass is illuminated at the bottom with LED lights.

Orlando Federal Courthouse

The windows in the central atrium of Orlando Federal Courthouse in Orlando, FL were developed from paintings by the internationally recognized artist Al Held. The largest window is 20' wide and 50' high, which fills the central atrium space with brilliant jewel-tone colors of light.

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Colorado Tower

Colorado Tower is located in downtown Austin, several blocks from the Colorado River which the client requested serve as a reference for the glass wall that runs the full width of the tower’s lobby and which is very visible from the street, thereby serving as a visual identity for the building at street level.

San Francisco Medical Center

Working in close collaboration with the project designer, Sam D’Amico, Kenneth von Roenn developed a series of more than 100 glass fins, 1’-6” x 15’ that were integrated into the curtainwall design to relieve the rectangularity of the structure with lyrical colored elements.



The sculpture was created as a visual expression of growth, change and transformation. The spiraling elements of curved dichroic glass establish a vertical movement that creates a form suggestive of a flower. The dichroic glass was used because of its characteristic of changing color as it is seen from varying positions, which creates a dynamic quality. With the floral form, spiraling movement, and transforming colors, the concept of growth is created as a symbolic representation of the mission and role of the health care facility not just in treating aliments, but is sustaining the vitality of life.



McCarran Airport, International Terminal

The suspended sculpture in the international terminal is located at the intersection of two concourses and was created to provide a visual identity for the intersection. The theme of the work was based on the Greek myth of Daedalus, the inspired architect who designed the labyrinth to contain the Minotaur who threatened the residents of Crete.

City of Dreams

The sculpture is located at the main entrance of the Project Leisure casino at City of Dreams hotel and entertainment complex. The design concept was a waterfall with sirens/mermaids spiraling throughout.

Projects In Progress.

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Belmont University, Performing Arts Center

On the west elevation of the new performing arts center for Belmont University are three windows, each approximately 15’ wide and 45’ tall, which serve as the primary feature of the building. The windows are composed almost entirely of prismatic glass elements, some of which are 1.5” thick, which transform the late afternoon sun light into prismatic colors which will be cast throughout the entry lobby, which will also be used as a reception space. The windows will also be illuminated from the interior at night so the dazzling effect of the prismatic glass will be prominently visible to the exterior. 

Indianapolis Airport

"Flight Wave"
Laminated dichroic bevels

What We Do

Kaiser / von Roenn Studio is a unique architectural glass art studio developed to address and meet the needs of architecture in multiple ways.

With their organization and experience the studio offers the following services to architects/ designers, private clients, developers, public art agencies, and artists:

  • Design - original and collaborative.

  • Fabrication/Installation of projects designed by the studio as well those created by others.

  • Engineering of glass systems.

  • Consultation for architectural glass art projects.

  • Administration of projects designed by the studio as well as by others.


The studio is led by Ursula Kaiser Vourvoulis, President, who has more than 25 years experience in senior glass studio positions and Kenneth von Roenn, Director of Design, who has more than 50 years of experience as an architectural glass art designer, a studio owner, an architect ( M. Arch., Yale U. ) as well as a principal of an architectural firm.

The foundation of the studio is built upon the principles of collaboration, within the studio organization as well as with clients, architects/designers, fabricators/suppliers and artists, and public art agencies.

In all of its work the primary objective is for the harmonious integration of glass art with architecture with the purpose of making environments more interesting, meaningful and ultimately more memorable. The process of integration also extends to the process of coordinating the glass art within the planning and construction of architecture.

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