Our Story

Kaiser / von Roenn Studio Group is a design studio founded on the principles of collaboration. The principles of the studio, Ursula Kaiser and Kenneth von Roenn, collaborate in the operation of the studio by balancing their skills and talents.  The studio is built on the foundation of Ursula’s practical experience as a magazine art director as well as her many years  in managing glass studios with Kenneth’s creative experience as a glass artist and architect over four decades.  Together they create a balance that allows the studio to design and execute complex projects with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. In addition, because the studio works on architectural art projects, there is a need to collaborate with a great many people on each project. 

Kaiser / von Roenn Studio Group works diligently to foster an environment that cultivates collaboration among all the participants on each project.  From their collective experience, Ursula and Kenneth have developed skills that create a strong sense of a team effort with the objective of making the development of a project more efficient and more enjoyable.  This involves the active participation of clients, designers, consultants, associated contractors and fabricators.  

Of special importance are the collaborative relationships with other artists.  Ursula and Kenneth bring a vast degree of experience in management, design and glass technology to a working relationship with other artists to realize a collective vision. The primary objective on each project is to create work that is rewarding for all those who participate in its creation and especially for those who will enjoy the completed work.  It is the goal of Kaiser / von Roenn Studio Group to create work that makes the environments of architecture more enjoyable and meaningful through a process that is fulfilling for all involved.

Our Team.

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