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Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts, Miami, FL

Early in the design of the performing arts center, Cesar Pelli contacted Kenneth von Roenn and inquired as to whether he could translate the designs of Jose Bedia into the hand railings overlooking the atrium in both the Orchestra and Ballet/ Opera Buildings. After reviewing the art work, von Roenn developed a method of transforming Bedia’s composition into glass with a combination of methods using sandblast carving, airbrush painting, and lamination of the art panel to a structural base glass that was secured into channels at the base so the glass cantilevered from the balcony floors with no other vertical support members.  The two halls are distinguished by gold paint color for the Orchestra and silver for the Ballet/Opera.

Pelli, Clarke, Pelli Architects. :

Mitchell Hirsch, Project Designer

Roberto Espejo, Project Coordinator. :

Jose Bedia, Artist. :

Frederic Snitzer Gallery :

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