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Belmont University Chapel, Nashville, TN

Along the two sides of the chapel are six windows, approximately 8’ wide and 24’ tall, composed of laminated beveled glass and leaded antique glass. The beveled glass was used to provide sparkling quality at night when viewed from the exterior. At the altar area is a wall mounted rosette relief sculpture, 12’ diameter, that is composed of dichroic glass, glass jewels laminated to glass elements positioned several inches in front of the background. Surrounding the glass elements in a circular light assembly that illuminates the dichroic glass casting and reflecting colored light throughout the composition.

Architect: ESa, Nashville, TN:

David Minnigan, Project Architect

Janet Wennerland, Interior Designer

DSC02001 copy.jpg

Heading 2

 Internal  Illumination

Ambient Illumination

image 3.jpg
belmont rosette detail .jpeg
belmont rosette.jpeg
image 6.jpg
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