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Colorado Tower, austin, TX

Colorado Tower is located in downtown Austin, several blocks from the Colorado River which the client requested serve as a reference for the glass wall that runs the full width of the tower’s lobby and which is very visible from the street, thereby serving as a visual identity for the building at street level. The glass wall which is more than 100’ long and 15’ tall is composed of cast/tempered glass with laminated glass lenses on the front surface. The wall is illuminated by LED lights from a light cavity which cast light onto a gradated blue colored wall behind to provide coloration for the glass. Attached to the wall are color strips of painted wood to provide small vertical accents to the composition.

Duda / Paine Architects :

Turan Duda, Project Designer/Principle

Durham, NC

Cline, Bettridge, Bernstein Lighting consultant :

Photos courtesy of Duda/Paine Architects

co tower 1.jpg
colorado tower lobby overview.jpeg
co tower 4.jpg
co tower 2.jpg
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