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St. Patrick's


To complete the theme begun at the Reservation Chapel, these windows represent the Resurrection and the Ascension. The left window is the Resurrection and depicts Christ in a traditional pose of the Resurrection. Overlaying the figure is a suggestion of a butterfly, which is a traditional Christian symbol of the Resurrection and Ascension. The window to the right of the altar is the Ascension and represents Christ’s union with the universal spirit. To represent this, the figure is slightly out of focus to represent the transformation from form to spirit and the background of stars is merged with the figure. The form of the butterfly is more completely expressed to symbolize the culmination of this transformation.Above the Altar is the window representing the Holy Trinity with the triangle in the center.

2 garden windows: 40' x 20'Leaded beveled and antique glass with painted and stained wheat imagery and sandblasted celestial patterns.1 entry window: 8' x 8'Leaded beveled and antique glass with two painted superimposed images of Christ. The crucified figure, painted in black, is seen during the day, while the resurrected figure, painted in white, is seen at night.2 transept windows: 5' x 18'Leaded flashed red glass with sandblasted images of angels representing those that freed St. Peter from prison.8 sanctuary windows: 5' x 12'Painted images of the four evangelists and four women saints.54 clerestory windows: 2'6" x 2'6"Leaded beveled and antique glass organized in a color progression from cool to warm colors.Narthex screen wall: 60' x 6'Laminated beveled glass on plate glass painted with Fired Ceramic Frit.

Sanctuary Entrance
Baptisry Wall
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