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Duke Cancer Center, Durham, NC

The central feature within the meditation room of the center is a glass and light art work that is intended evoke a calm, contemplative feeling. The original inspiration was a water feature, though this was not practical for a cancer hospital, so the form of a fountain served as the starting point for the design. The final work is a circular element, 4’ diameter and 18” tall, that was composed of stacked pieces of heavy plate glass as the perimeter walls and which were cut by water jet to achieve an undulating surface as though formed by water. The top of the work is cast/tempered/laminated and etched glass with a form suggestive of ripples on the surface of water. Within the element is an LED light source that rotates a color cycle corresponding the colors of the 7 chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. These colors are diffused by the etched surface of the glass perimeter, creating a soft glow of colors which also animates the dappled surface texture.

Duda / Paine Architects :

Turan Duda, Project Designer/Principle

Durham, NC

Cline, Bettridge, Bernstein Lighting consultant. :

Francesca Bettridge, Lighting Designer

Photos courtesy of Duda/Paine Architects

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