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Galt House Pedway, Louisville, KY

Connecting the Galt House Hotel in downtown Louisville and the Convention Center is an elevated walkway that serves as the entry to the entertainment district of downtown Louisville, located adjacent to the world famous Actor’s Theater of Louisville.  The most prominent element of the walkway is a glass and steel sculpture that is suspended from a steel truss that carries the pedway. The sculpture is composed of triangular shaped dichroic glass that are supported by steel tubes and held into position with stainless steel cables. The dichroic glass, which progressively unfolds from the center to the ends, was used because of its unique quality of transmitting and reflecting colors. As light strikes the surface of the glass, one color is transmitted and its complementary color is reflected. As the glass is viewed while moving, these transmitted and reflected colors change, creating a dynamic experience. The pedway is a representation of the balance of architecture, engineering, and art.


Half a block away on the adjacent street in downtown Louisville is another pedway that von Roenn designed and which can also be seen at the intersection of the two streets.

Nolan and Nolan, Architects

Structural Services, Tim Gettlefinger, Engineer :

Photo credit: David Harpe

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