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Jewish Hospital East, Louisville, KY

The sculpture was created as a visual expression of growth, change and transformation. The spiraling elements of curved dichroic glass establish a vertical movement that creates a form suggestive of a flower blossoming. The dichroic glass was used because of its characteristic of changing color as it is seen from varying positions, which creates a dynamic quality. With the floral form, spiraling movement, and transforming colors, the concept of growth is created as a symbolic representation of the mission and role of the health care facility not just in treating aliments, but is sustaining the vitality of life.


The sculpture serves as an identity for the hospital as it is located as the most visually prominent element of the entry elevation. Because of the unique characteristics of the dichroic glass the work is seen with both reflected light from the exterior as well as the interior lights focused from the interior.

META Architects

Photo Credit: David Harpe

JHMCE2 copy.jpg
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