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McCarran Airport

Las Vegas, NC

The name "Dadale" is taken from the Greek myth of Daedalus, the inspired architect who designed the labyrinth to contain the Minotaur who threatened the residents of Crete. He and his son Icarus were later held prisoners in the labyrinth. Realizing that the only way to escape was to fly up and out of the maze, Daedalus built wings of wax for himself and his son. Before taking to the air, the father cautioned his son to fly safely, close to sea level, or else the sun would melt his wings. But Icarus, fascinated by the magic of flight, did not heed his father's advice and perished, while Daedalus managed to reach his destination safely. Thus to us Daedalus, or Dédale, as he is called in French, is the original symbol of aviation safety and human factors, demonstrating how, with prudence and foresight, men keep control of their inventions and themselves.

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