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"Nurturing Life", Norton Cancer Center, Louisville, KY

Prominently located in the center of downtown Louisville the Norton Cancer Center is positioned at the gateway into the medical district. A primary element of the new complex is a large 30’ x 30’ window that serves as the identity feature for the center. Within the building the window also serves as the feature component of the meditation/gathering space.


The composition of the work is an array of images relating to life ; a tree, flowers, nautilus shell, leaves, etc. as an expression of the central theme of the window, life. The title of the work, “Nurturing Life”, is intended to be understood in two ways ; one as the nurturing of life, and the other as life providing the nurturing, both of which relate to the process of treating cancer. While the primary background of the work are deep blue colors, the strongest visual element is the orange framing element which introduces a bold form within the field of blue, which represents the strength necessary to fight cancer. Supporting this concept is the central natural element which is a tree, also representing this quality of strength. The deep blue background was used to provide a quiet, contemplative space. Within this blue field are prismatic glass jewels inlaid into the glass and arranged in the form of a fibonacci spiral to represent the natural order of growth. These jewels also represent ‘seeds of hope’ that through their transformation of light into prismatic colors that are cast throughout the space.

The exterior of the composition was developed to read prominently and as such to connect the two ends of the building.  To accomplish this a grid was introduced to the composition overall, which is seem distinctly because the dichroic glass that was used reflects colors to the exterior during the day.  This element also serves to help break down the scale for pedestrians that pass by the window wall, thus making it less imposing.

Karlsberger and Associates, Architects

Columbus, OH

Lighting Consultant : Jim Gage :

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