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Exterior Elevation_20.06.26.jpg

Belmont University Performing Arts Center, Nashville, TN

On the west elevation of the new performing arts center for Belmont University are three windows, each approximately 15’ wide and 45’ tall, which serve as the primary feature of the building. The windows are composed almost entirely of prismatic glass elements, some of which are 1.5” thick, which transform the late afternoon sun light into prismatic colors which will be cast throughout the entry lobby, which will also be used as a reception space. The windows will also be illuminated from the interior at night so the dazzling effect of the prismatic glass will be prominently visible to the exterior. 

The prismatic glass is laminated to base sheets of glass that have engraved and polished lines that delineate the composition. A new process was developed for the lamination of the prismatic glass that is more expedient than resin lamination, that is typically used for lamination of glass elements, and which provides a stronger bond and is extremely transparent. 

The production is being done with a team composed of ten members from the former Architectural Glass Art, the predecessor to Kaiser / von Roenn Studio, and with one team member who is in Europe and who prepared the graphics. The production is being done at 310 Tempering in Louisville, KY, which assisted in the development of the new lamination process. 

The project is to be completed by June 2021. 

Architect: ESa, Nashville, TN:

David Minnigan

Randy Hale

Darrell Lambert

Janet Wennerland

Randy Burkett, Lighting Consultant

K/vR Studio team members

Kenneth von Roenn, Designer/Project Manager

Ursula Vourvoulis, Project Administrator

Kamelia Vladimirova-Koleva, Graphic Artist

Kelley Ronayne-Green, Graphic Artist

Chilton von Roenn, Production Coordinator

Bob Cheever, Artisan

Barb Hinton, Artisan

Wayne Mills, Artisan

Masood Assl, Artisan

Wes Burt, Artisan

Chris Chappell, Artisan

Sara von Roenn, Artisan

Belmont Top Installation.jpeg
belmont lobby interior copy.jpg
Belmont-top-installation copy.jpg
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IMG_2247 copy.jpg
belmont exterior night copy.jpg
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