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San Francisco Medical Center, Children's Hospital, San Francisco, CA

Working in close collaboration with the project designer, Sam D’Amico, Kenneth von Roenn developed a series of more than 100 glass fins, 1’-6” x 15’ that were integrated into the curtainwall design to relieve the rectangularity of the structure with lyrical colored elements. On three elevations of the building, these fins are composed of multiple colors of dichroic film that were laminated between layers of tempered low iron glass. Also woven into the curtainwall design are horizontal sun screens which include 2’-6” x 2’-6” square elements of laminated glass with dichroic film in multiple colors. All of these elements change colors throughout the day as sun moves across the elevations. These colors are also cast inside the patient rooms introducing color patterns onto the floors and walls.

Stantec Architects, San Francisco, CA Sam D’Amico, Designer : 

DSC01977 copy.jpg

Photo credit: Sam D'Amico

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