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St. Francis Medical Center, Richmond, VA, Odell Associates Architect

The stained glass windows were designed to represent the association with St. Francis as well as to provide a spiritual feeling for those visiting the chapel.The lower portion of the windows contain images of St. Francis and St. Clare, both of whom are set within forms of cloisters which were used to establish a relationship with the exterior garden outside the windows as well as with the Basilica of San Francesco Assisi. Above these forms are vertical blue forms with images of stars etched into the glass, which serve the purposes of representing the heavens as well as providing a very quiet, calming effect. Weaving throughout all these forms are large-scale historical patterns, which were used to reference the historical tradition of St. Francis.The windows are fabricated with a traditional stained glass technique using antique glass that is etched and painted and assembled with lead channels.

Medical Center, Richmond, VA, Odell Associates Architect

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