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University of Missouri, Bond Life Sciences Building, McQuinn Atrium, Columbia, MO

Located in the central atrium of the Life Sciences building beneath a skylight is a suspended sculpture that spans 7 floors of the building, arcing over the walkway at the top between the two sides of the complex. The sculpture references the research work that is done in the center with a series of transparencies that were created from photographic images that were taken from electron microscopes. These richly colored abstract images are changed every 10 years to keep the work current with the advances in science.  This ongoing program is funded through an endowment created from the original commission fee. The primary structure of the work is a curved 6” diameter stainless steel tube suspended from the primary roof trusses and around which are suspended stainless steel rings with the transparencies which are connected with stainless steel cables. Onto these cables there are also dichroic acrylic forms that spiral in the form of a double helix, referencing the fundamental role of DNA in the research.

Stantec, Architects. : san-francisco-california-office

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